April 12: Beech

The flower for today is the Beech. Actually a tree, some varieties sport copper, purple, or gold leaves. In the language of flowers, the Beech signifies “Prosperity.”

Beech wood slats, after a caustic soda wash, are placed in fermentation tanks for Budweiser beer. The practice prevents the yeast from piling up too deep and causing the yeast cells to die.

Beech logs are used to smoke Westphalian ham, as well as various sausages and cheeses.

Young beech leaves are steeped in gin for several weeks, producing a light green liqueur called Beechleaf Noyau.

Beechwood tablets were commonly used by early Europeans, before the development of paper. In the modern German language, the word for “book” is Buch, and the word for “beech tree” is Buche. In modern Dutch, “book” is boek, while “beech tree” is beuk.

The soot of beech wood once was used to make the pigment bistre.



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