April 17: Crocus Blossom

Today’s flower is the Crocus Blossom. In the Language of Flowers, it conveys the sentiments of “Youthful gladness. Attachment. Cheerfulness.”


The various colors of Crocus Blossoms also carry their own meanings: white blooms for purity, innocence, and truth; purple for dignity, pride, and success; and yellow for cheerfulness and joy.


The Greek legend recounts the love affair between the young nobleman Crocus and Smilax, a beautiful shepherdess. The gods did not approve of the romance, forbidding the couple to ever see each other again. Crocus killed himself for grief and sorrow. The goddess Flora took pity on the heartbroken Smilax and turned them both into plants: the Crocus Blossom and the Smilax Vine.


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